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What is the Best Age for Newborn Photos?

One of the questions I get asked most often as a newborn photographer is when to schedule a newborn photoshoot. Many newborn photographers will insist that you need to do your newborn photos in the first two weeks after the baby is born. But this simply isn’t true in my experience as a natural newborn photographer. It’s true that babies sleep more deeply and are easier to pose during the first couple weeks after birth, but that’s only important if you have your heart set on posed newborn photos. For natural, baby-led lifestyle newborn photographers like me, the age of the baby is much more flexible when it comes to scheduling your newborn photos because the baby doesn’t need to be asleep to create beautiful memories.

I’m drawn to natural newborn movements, expressions, and snuggles, and these are beautiful to capture regardless of how many days old your newborn is. If it’s important to you to have pictures of your baby in that tiniest sleepy newborn stage, then we’ll do your newborn photoshoot in the first couple weeks after your baby is born. Or if you have your heart set on a mix of sleepy and bright-eyed, expressive newborn photos, I recommend scheduling your newborn photoshoot for around 3-4 weeks old.

Here are some sweet examples from one of my recent newborn photoshoots. These images are great examples of the kinds of newborn photos I capture simply by being one of the few newborn photographers in the Pottstown area who welcomes newborn photoshoots for babies who are older than two weeks. We did this newborn photoshoot when sweet little Declan was just about 3 weeks old, and I absolutely love this age for newborn photos because you’re much more likely to capture a variety of sweet expressions.

Even when they happen to look toward the camera, babies younger than two weeks old typically aren’t this alert. Capturing this kind of wide, bright-eyed expression is much more common when your baby is around 3-4 weeks old:

A newborn baby boy laying on a white backdrop and touching his lip with his finger while looking at the camera during a west chester newborn photo session

I’m a natural light newborn photographer, so my light source is a large window or door that lets plenty of soft, indirect sunlight into your home. Declan is turning his head toward the window here, and looking toward the light is pretty common in slightly older newborns when they’re more awake and alert but still not able to focus well on people or objects yet. I just love photos of babies intently looking toward the light!

At 3 weeks old, Declan is still too young here to be smiling at his parents. Social smiling in response to recognizing their mommy or daddy doesn’t usually begin until babies are 1-2 months old. But I often capture a great variety of emotions and expressions like this when babies are 3-4 weeks old. Every moment is a new expression when babies explore their new world!

Many newborn photographers sacrifice all these kinds of natural newborn expressions and movements for the sake of posing. Newborns need to be in a deep sleep in order to place them in specific newborn poses. But for natural newborn photographers like me, I’ll choose genuine and authentic expressions over cute poses any day. Simply lay him down in a cozy spot and place him in good light, and sweet little Declan is the most adorable he could ever be. No posing necessary!

All of my newborn photoshoots include both family pictures and individual photos of your baby. And even when I’m doing a baby’s individual newborn pictures, I never miss a chance to bring mom and dad’s hands into the shot. These little moments of connection express all the love and joy I aim to capture in my newborn photography.

Most of my newborn photoshoots take place in the first month after the baby is born, but I’m here to assure you that you have not missed out on newborn photos if your baby is already a few weeks old. Some of the babies you see in my newborn portfolio are even 5-6 weeks old due to scheduling issues related to the pandemic, extra time spent in the hospital after birth, or families who reached out to schedule their newborn session after the baby was born. There’s no such thing as missing the so-called “newborn window” for photos in my book, and there is never a wrong time to create beautiful memories with your new baby!

Looking for natural newborn photographers near your home? I’d love to help you capture some of your family’s early snuggles with your new little love! Kristin Brockman Photography offers in home natural light newborn photography so you can relax and soak in all the baby snuggles in the comfort of your own home. For more information, you can check out my Newborn Portfolio and Newborn Session Details. You can also check out my Featured Photo Sessions, to see the full gallery of images from a couple of my in home newborn sessions and reach out if you’re searching for newborn photographers near Pottstown.

If you have any questions or want to inquire about my availability for natural newborn photos, please email me at I schedule a limited number of newborn photoshoots each month to ensure scheduling flexibility around due dates. But there are some times of year when I’m able to schedule newborn photos on short notice when a family reaches out after their baby is born.

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