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FAMILY photoshoot - $600

Our time together is all about having fun & telling your family's story so you can look back and treasure the memories we create in the years to come! Family photoshoots are scheduled by appointment and take place at an outdoor location we select during scheduling. We're lucky there are so many beautiful parks, farms, gardens, and historical sites in and around the Pottstown area, and I'm happy to make location suggestions based on where you live and the kinds of settings you love.


A family photoshoot is 60 minutes and includes 35 custom-edited photos delivered in both color and black & white.

Family photo of parents laughing as their young toddler drops little rocks on the ground

colorful & true family photography

I describe my style of photography as family-centered lifestyle photography. Images that excite me are filled with genuine emotions and expressions. When a family laughs, snuggles, and plays together, capturing the joys of family life comes easily. I come to every photoshoot with some posing ideas to get everyone in the frame, but then I'll prompt you to interact with your loved ones and capture all the fun in-between moments when life really happens.


Flying your little boy up in the air and watching how his curls dance, twirling with your baby girl in the grass, soft butterfly kisses with mommy, and adorable hug missiles headed straight for daddy's arms make for much more authentic family photos than everyone looking at the camera and smiling.

What is the best time of day for family photos?

As a natural light photographer in Pottstown, PA, timing our photoshoot to take advantage of the best light is essential to create beautiful pictures together. Golden hour--the hour or two after sunrise or before sunset--is the best time of day for outdoor photos because the soft light while the sun is low in the sky is very flattering. I typically schedule my photoshoots to begin about 1.5-2 hours before sunset so that the sun is just dipping below the tree line as we're wrapping up our photos. If you have young kids with early bedtimes, don't fret! Sunset time is earliest in the fall around Pottstown, so an outdoor golden hour photoshoot is possible for every family as long as you plan in advance.





What if it's not sunny on the day of our photoshoot?

Cloudy and partly cloudy days are actually great for photos! The soft light on a cloudy day is very flattering and also gives us more flexibility with respect to which backdrops we can use and still have great lighting to create amazing pictures. If our photoshoot does need to be rescheduled due to rain or severe wind, I always leave extra space in my calendar in case of bad weather. The day before your photoshoot, I'll check the forecast and reach out to confirm our plan or recommend rescheduling if necessary. Your flexibility will be rewarded when you receive your beautiful photos!

What should we wear for our family photos?

My favorite tip is to choose mom's outfit first and then pick coordinating colors to round out dad's and kids' outfits. This is certainly not the only approach you could take, but I find that the pictures we capture are usually AMAZING when mom feels comfortable and beautiful in what she's wearing. It's also much easier to shop for an adorable kid's outfit with so many million options out there, while all women know that it can be tricky to find that perfect piece in women's clothes.


This is only a starting point, though. Once you book your photoshoot, I'll send you my Style Guide with lots of tips and even direct shopping links for inspiration. We'll chat more about your outfit ideas during our pre-session phone call. And then you can send me pictures of your outfit ideas as the photoshoot approaches if you want feedback. I'm here to help you look and feel your best, so that you can just relax and have fun with your family during our photos!




Tips for a great Family photoshoot

The best recipe for amazing family photos is to embrace the hiccups! Because hiccups will happen when it comes to little kids. One universal truth that all moms know from experience: You can’t always make children do what you want them to do! I'm a mom too, and I don't expect little kids to listen attentively and follow my instructions for 60 minutes to create "perfect" pictures. When you just keep loving your kid through the smiles and the tears, you'll end up with photos that are true and beautifully authentic.


So what should parents do when those hiccups inevitably arise during a family photoshoot? Take a deep breath and love your kids right through those moments when they aren’t cooperating. If their parents are there--ready to tickle them, run with them, snuggle them, and love them--that smile will peek out despite all their best efforts to hide it. All you need to freeze a beautiful moment is 1/1000 of a second, and I'll be there with my camera ready to capture that moment when it comes. And who knows, your favorite picture may end up being the one of your toddler working really hard to hold onto that pouty face while trying not to smile at a goofy face that daddy makes.





The entire editing process--from the date of your family photoshoot to when you receive your final photos--is about 4 weeks. Your proofing gallery will be ready for you to select your favorite pictures within 2 weeks after your photoshoot. Then once you select your favorite photos, I'll complete the final editing process within 2 weeks and send you the link to your private final image gallery where you can view and download the full resolution files of your pictures.




what's included in my family photoshoot?

  • A phone conference to share ideas, choose a date/location, discuss tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot, and answer any questions you may have
  • My Style Guide with tips & outfit ideas to help you look and feel your best for your photos
  • Your family's 60 minute photoshoot
  • Custom editing of your photos
  • Travel up to 20 miles (40 miles round trip) from my home in Pottstown, PA
  • 35 high-resolution digital photos selected from a proofing gallery, delivered in both color and black & white (70 image files in total)
  • A print release for personal use so you can print your pictures at any printing company you choose




How do i book my family photoshoot?

I'm so excited to capture some beautiful memories with you and your family! Please email me at to reserve your family photoshoot. For new clients, I'll send you a short questionnaire to gather your family's basic info. Then I'll send you my Style Guide with tips and outfit ideas to help you look and feel your best for your family photos. I'll also share some of my favorite locations for family photography in and around the Pottstown area so we can pick a beautiful spot for your pictures. Once we've selected a date and location for your family photos, I'll email you a contract and invoice so you can easily sign and submit your retainer payment online. Then comes the hardest part...eagerly counting down the days to your family photoshoot!

Kristin Brockman is a Professional Newborn, Maternity, & Family Photographer specializing in natural, family-centered lifestyle photography for newborns, pregnancy, and families serving clients in the Greater Philadelphia area including but not limited to the Main Line, Malvern, Wayne, Media, King of Prussia, Collegeville, Harleysville, Pottstown, Phoenixville, Kennett Square, West Chester, Exton, Downingtown, Reading, Gilbertsville, Boyertown, and Allentown.




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