When to Take Maternity Photos

When to Take Maternity Photos | Kristin Brockman Photography

Feeling unsure about when to take maternity photos? In my experience as a maternity photographer, I’ve found that the best time to take maternity photos is when you feel good & your beautiful baby bump is on display. For most expecting moms, this ideal time is during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, or around 28-34 weeks along. During this time, your belly will start to look nice and round. Usually mom’s belly will appear a bit higher during this time frame as well because the baby will not have dropped down too far yet in preparation for delivery. And most importantly, expecting moms still feel comfortable and are able to fully enjoy the experience of getting maternity photos taken in this time frame.

expecting parents standing in a field of golden grasses as dad hugs mom from behind during a maternity photoshoot

Captured at 32 weeks

Factors to Consider When Scheduling Your Maternity Photos

Is This Your First Baby?

While every pregnancy is different, I’ve found that generally expecting moms show a bit later with their first pregnancy and a bit earlier for subsequent pregnancies. I’m very much a visual person, so a great example to illustrate this in action is the beautiful mama you see pictured below. I’ve had the privilege of capturing her maternity photos and newborn photos for both of her girls, and it’s always a treat for me to capture their family as they grow.

For her first baby (pictured below on the left), we scheduled their session at 34 weeks along. And for her second baby (pictured below on the right), we scheduled their session at 28 weeks along to take advantage of the beautiful fall setting while the leaves were at peak color. Even with the 6 week difference in timing, her bump looks very similar in both of her maternity photoshoots. Not all moms experience this big of a difference from one pregnancy to the next. But it’s definitely a factor worth considering when scheduling your maternity photos.

Is There a Special Location You Have Your Heart Set On For Your Maternity Photos?

You don’t get to choose your baby’s due date, so unfortunately moms don’t get the luxury of picking their favorite season for their maternity photos. But you can use the wiggle room available within the 28-34 week window to choose a location you’ll love as the backdrop for your growing family’s memories. And the location you choose for your maternity photos can impact the best time to schedule your session.

Sometimes moms have their heart set doing their maternity photos with certain type of flower blooming in the background in the spring. Or they may be hoping to catch the leaves at peak color in the fall. Maybe they want to plan around a busy holiday schedule in the winter. Or they may want to avoid the summer heatwaves.

In the example you see below, mom had a winter due date but was hoping for some beautiful fall colors in her family’s maternity photos. It was her third baby and we were confident that she’d show on the earlier side. So we scheduled their session when she was 28 weeks along and they turned out magical!

an expecting mom kneeling down in front of a pond while her young daughter reaches out to gently touch her belly during a maternity photo session

Captured at 28 weeks

On the other end of the spectrum, the mom you see below was expecting her first baby in the spring and had her heart set on doing her maternity photos with the cherry blossoms in bloom. The cherry blossoms only bloom for 1-2 weeks in the early spring in our area. So we actually stretched just beyond the time frame I normally recommend and scheduled her session when she was 36 weeks along. This is a great example of how a certain location can determine the best time to take maternity photos. And in a case like this, it may even justify going outside the recommended window to make a new mom’s dream come true!

an expecting mom standing in the grass and cradling her belly with white cherry blossom trees in bloom behind her during a maternity photo session

Captured at 36 weeks

Are You Expecting Twins?

If you’re expecting twins (or multiples of any kind), this changes the whole game plan when it comes to maternity photos! When you’re growing multiple humans inside of you, your baby bump will show earlier and grow bigger than with a single baby. Moms with twins are usually much more comfortable and relaxed for their maternity photos during the second trimester. So for moms expecting twins, I suggest taking maternity photos around 20-28 weeks along. Twins are almost always delivered ahead of their due date as well, so it’s important to leave a bigger cushion when booking your photoshoot so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

The mama you see pictured below was expecting twins but was hesitant about scheduling her maternity photos during the height of the summer heat. So we made comfort our top priority and planned their maternity photos for late September when she was 28 weeks along.

a close up picture of an expecting mom wearing a red dress cradling her belly in her hands

Captured at 28 weeks along with twins

Are You Feeling Anxious About Your Maternity Photos?

If you’re feeling anxious about your maternity photos for any reason, consider scheduling on the earlier side. This can be helpful for moms who are worried about delivering early, feel self-conscious about their changing body, tell me they’re awkward in front of the camera (they never are, by the way!), or don’t want to stress about the weather in case a reschedule is needed. When you’re growing a tiny human inside of you and all the changes that go along with it, being as comfortable as possible at your session goes a long way. You can’t go wrong when you give yourself a bit more wiggle room so you can relax, trust your photographer, and enjoy the experience. Because there’s nothing else quite like the moments you share as you stand on the cusp of a new chapter in your life together as a family.

Maternity Photos at 28 – 30 Weeks

expecting parents walking through the grass holding hands with their two young daughters during a maternity photo session

Captured at 28 weeks

a close up picture of an expecting mother cradling her belly with purple lavender blooming in the background

Captured at 28 weeks

Maternity Photos at 31 – 34 Weeks

a close up of a young girl standing in a lavender field hugging her expecting mom's belly and smiling at the camera during a maternity photoshoot

Captured at 31 weeks

an expecting couple standing in a field of golden grasses and resting their heads together as they both smile down at mom's belly

Captured at 34 weeks

Final Thoughts

I have been taking photos of soon-to-be mothers for years now, and there is absolutely nothing else like the excitement and the glow of an expecting mother! I’m here help you look and feel your best with full access to my Client Closet, including many of the dresses you see pictured above and more. I can help you choose the perfect location around our area for your maternity photos based upon your due date. And I can walk you through all these factors for your unique pregnancy so that you end up with beautiful memories you’ll cherish forever.

Do You Have More Questions About When to Take Maternity Photos?

I’d love to walk you through the process in detail and help you capture some special memories before your baby is born! Kristin Brockman Photography specializes in natural light newborn and maternity photos for growing families. A maternity photoshoot can be bundled with a newborn photoshoot for a discounted price. 

For more information, you can view my Maternity Portfolio and Maternity Session Details. You can also check out my Featured Photo Sessions to see the full gallery of images from a couple of my maternity photoshoots. Reach out if you’re looking for a maternity photographer.

If you have any questions or want to inquire about my availability for maternity photos, please email me at kristinbrockmanphotography@gmail.com.

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