4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Doing Newborn Photos With an Older Baby

an older baby boy wrapped in a colorful swaddle laying on a white backdrop and looking directly up at the camera during a newborn photos session

Oliver – 7 weeks old

Why You’ll Love Doing Newborn Photos With an Older Baby

Many newborn photographers will insist that you need to do newborn photos in the first two weeks after your baby is born. But this simply isn’t true in my experience as a lifestyle newborn photographer. I’m captivated by natural newborn expressions and movements rather than poses and props. And I can assure you that relaxed and timeless newborn photos full of snuggles with your baby do not need to be taken before the baby turns 2 weeks old. While I do many newborn sessions at 1-2 weeks old for families who want to capture that tiniest newborn stage, there are also advantages to waiting a few extra weeks to schedule your newborn photos. Here are 4 reasons why you’ll love doing newborn photos with an older baby.

1. Slightly Older Babies Are More Bright-eyed and Expressive

Those bright eyes, exploring their world with wonder, are the most adorable detail that doesn’t get captured in many newborn photoshoots. In those first two weeks after birth, babies sleep very deeply. So some newborn photographers expect you to bring your baby in for newborn photos very soon after birth so that they can take advantage of this deep sleep to place babies in specific poses. And while a sleeping baby is adorable, don’t get me wrong, a full gallery of newborn photos without seeing the baby’s eyes feels incomplete to me. If you love the idea of looking back at your newborn photos and seeing those early hints of your little one’s personality already peeking through, an extra week or two makes such a huge difference in how bright-eyed and expressive your baby will be in their newborn photos.

2. Extra Time to Snuggle into a New Family Rhythm

The newborn stage is a whirlwind of change. When I became a new mom, one of the first things I realized was that everything comes in phases. And whether you’ve just had your first baby or added a new sibling to your family, those early weeks are a huge adjustment period for everyone. Your daily life, including the needs and routines of your baby, change quite a bit over those first few weeks after your baby is born. While the baby will still need to eat every few hours and won’t have a regular sleep routine for some time, you’ll find yourself settling into a new family rhythm around the one month mark that makes everything feel more manageable.

3. Sweet Little Moments of Connection With Your Baby

My favorite newborn photos happen when babies are snuggled in the arms of their family, and these snuggles absolutely do not stop when the baby turns two weeks old. If anything, these connections become stronger as the baby’s ability to focus on mommy and daddy’s faces develops. Babies can even begin smiling at their parents around 1 month old. There is nothing more magical than when your baby locks eyes with you and truly sees you. It’s like the world around you simply stops for a magical moment. A magical moment that gets captured and treasured forever.

4. More Recovery Time After Giving Birth

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding experiences, and it even leads to surgery for some moms. Having that time to settle in at home, rest, and recover can make a huge difference in how much new parents are able to soak in and enjoy their newborn photo experience. 

Examples of Newborn Photos With Older Babies

Some of the families below did their newborn photos when their baby was a little older because they spent extra time in the hospital after birth. Some families had to bump their session date back due to illness or some other scheduling issue beyond our control. But many of these families purposefully chose to have their newborn photos taken when their baby was a few weeks old. I educate all of my clients on how the age of the baby may impact their newborn photos. And for many families, waiting those few extra weeks and doing their newborn photos with a slightly older baby gives them everything they love and more from their newborn photo experience.

a baby boy wearing taupe overalls laying on a white textured backdrop and looking directly at the camera as he touches his chin with this finger during a newborn photos session

Declan – 3 weeks old

a black and white picture of a baby boy taken from above with his parents cradling him with their hands and looking down at him during a newborn photos session

Lawson – 3 weeks old

An older baby wrapped in a white textured swaddle laying on a white backdrop during a newborn photos session

Bryce – 5 weeks old

An older newborn baby laying in his crib on a white crib mattress with green leaves and reaching above his head toward the light of the window during a newborn photo session

Townes – 6 weeks old

backlit picture of a new mom holding her baby boy in her arms and touching him gently on the head during a newborn photoshoot

Nolan – 7 weeks old

I think these 4 reasons are why you’ll love doing newborn photos with an older baby. Newborn photos are not a chore with a deadline…they are a celebration of all the love and joy you have in your hearts. There is never a wrong time to create beautiful memories with your baby. So if by choice or because of circumstances beyond your control, you haven’t done your newborn photos before your baby turns two weeks old, rest easy that you have NOT missed your chance! It’s only just the beginning of so many beautiful memories you’ll make with your new little love.

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